Our Mission

The Mission of the Connecticut Farm Bureau is to elevate the stature of agriculture in our state. Through education, market promotion and legislative advocacy, we strive to increase farm income and to improve the quality of life not only for Connecticut farmers, but also for their consumers.


Connecticut Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation were formed in 1919 with the goal to make farming more profitable and the community a better place to live. The first two county Farm Bureaus in Connecticut were Fairfield and Litchfield, formed in 1915, thus beginning a tradition of combined strength where members unite in a way which could not be accomplished through individual effort.

Member Involvement

Connecticut Farm Bureau’s (CFBA) greatest strength is the many members that give time to make their community a better place to live, raise their families, and provide food, fiber and plants to their neighbors. Farm Bureau provides the opportunity for members to gather at the county level, discuss concerns, and develop ways to address challenges facing the industry. The farmer members make the final decisions regarding the policy direction of the organization on issues affecting their farm businesses.Farm Bureau leadership and government relations staff work together to ensure that members have full-time representation and advocacy on local, state and national issues in order tomemberspeakshismind carry out Farm Bureau policies.Farm Bureau members are also involved in leadership development programs such as the CFBA Young Farmer Committee, CFBA Women’s Leadership Committee and production advisory committees. Farm Bureau programs are designed to develop volunteer leadership skills, promote agriculture and provide information to members and the public.