Rachel and santana dating fanfiction

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rachel and santana dating fanfiction
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The first day of summer is awesome. Two months of freedom from Coach Sylvester and three months away from the hellhole that is McKinley. Santana spends the day doing nothing, just her and Brittany.

The first few chapters are the one-shots that I have already written. I want to keep all of my one-shots together. Declarations of Love one-shots will be together in Declarations of Love. Opposites Attract one-shots will be together in Opposites Attract. All other one-shots will be together in this new collection of one-shots Together Forever. Rachel Berry waited behind the school near the practically empty student parking lot. She had recieved a text from Santana Lopez to meet her there ten minutes ago, though she wasn't surprised that her secret girlfriend was late.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Dating Rachel Berry isn't what Santana thought it would be. Granted, it's still summer, but nothing really changes in their relationship or routine. After Cheerios' practice, Santana and Brittany head over to Rachel's and hang out. Brittany will eventually go home and Santana will spend the night. Santana's mom just assumes she's at Brittany's since that's what has happened before.

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