Bba betty and bolt

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BBA 8: Betty to stay back in South Africa for Bolt

bba betty and bolt
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[www. Bollar] Part 1 Sierra Bolt And Ethiopian Betty Having Sex In BBAthe Chase

Tonight is indeed a sad day for Betty., Sadly that has all changed when viewers from all over Africa had an early voyeuristic treat, as Bolt joined Betty in bed after lights out.

It began on 26 May , running for 91 days and ending on 25 August
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BBA Update: Bolt and Betty lip-lock in passionate embrace

I bet you saw their picture earlier on. This is a video of what actually transpired before the two posed that way in that picture. The video begins with the two grinding and humping each other.

BBA Update: Betty and Motamma's last week

The two Diamond Housemates obviously couldn't keep their hands off each other as their fellow housemates slept soundly. So much so that when things got a little too heated, Bolt jumped out of bed and rummaged through bags, pockets and boxes, clearly searching for something. Whatever it was that he was trying to find proved elusive.

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