Short skirts and garters

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The 3 Products I Use to Prevent Thigh Chafing in Skirts and Shorts

short skirts and garters
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Post a Comment. Fifty years ago, British designer Mary Quant introduced the mini-skirt and women began hiking up their hemlines. And with shorter skirts came pantyhose and patterned tights, replacing girdles and garter belts.
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He felt that the design of women's clothes was not keeping up with the modern trends of the s and s and wanted to introduce a look that was modern, streamlined, and easy. His miniskirts were A-line skirts, narrow at the waist and wider at the hem, that ended four inches above the knee. The audience at Courreges's show greeted his new designs in shocked silence, but it would not be long before fashion critics and women themselves embraced the exciting modern look. Meanwhile, in London, fashion designer Mary Quant also began to sell a new look for the modern woman. In Quant had opened a London boutique called Bazaar in which she sold designer clothes that could be worn by the average person, not just fashion models. Shortly after Courreges had revealed his line of clothes, Quant introduced her own miniskirt, a tightly fitted skirt with an even shorter hemline, up to the middle of the thigh. Quant's miniskirt became part of a new "mod" style, named after the reigning fashion among British youth in the s.

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