Tre darrius and david

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OH NO! Tre’Darrius & David Call It Quits

tre darrius and david
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OH NO! Tre’Darrius & David Call It Quits

While informative and necessary, the news can be slightly depressing., The Gays are going to be heartbroken after this post.

David and Tre Darrius live MRTR

Just an hour ago, Tre'Darrius Anderson went to Facebook to announce that him and his husband David Harris are no longer together.
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It seems like just yesterday. At only years-old, they were the youngest black gay couple in America to get married. In four years they were the topic of several interviews, articles and awards.

March 14, 2013

As we continue to commemorate Women's History Month, NBJC highlights some of the profound wisdom shed by our revolutionary Black lesbian, bisexual and transgender sisters. NBJC was the first national organization to urge the U. In a letter to the U. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. The conflicting reports as well as the current racial and anti-LGBT climate in Mississippi is justification enough for a federal investigation. On February 28, the U.

The Boards. Best Posts in Thread. Nick Delmacy Da Architect. TreDarrius passing came as a shock to all of those who came to know him through his vast social media following and popularity. Sympathy poured in locally and from around the world as many were left stunned and filled with sadness. No public information has been made available regarding funeral arrangements.

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