Escort service scandal

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Details Emerge on Cheerleader-Escort Scandal

escort service scandal
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Escort service at centre of scandal in Washington had Irish link

By Joseph Staszewski. - She's now ready to talk on national TV.

The woman at the center of the U.S. Secret Service scandal is embracing her notoriety and spilling colorful details about that night.
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Escort in Secret Service scandal says her life is 'ruined by this'

Report: Hugh Freeze Called A Dozen Escort Services From His Ole discovered Freeze had made to an escort service during a recruiting trip. There Are Still More Questions Than Answers In The Hugh Freeze Scandal.
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Escort-service scandal set to ignite D.C. explosion

Details of the allegations that led Coastal Carolina University to suspend its cheerleading team have emerged. The Sun News obtained a report of a criminal investigation conducted by the university after it received a letter saying that some members of the team were engaged in prostitution. The investigation found "evidence of an escort service" involving team members, as well as evidence that others were working as strippers. A lawyer representing some of the cheerleaders has denounced the reports as false.

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  1. The woman at the centre of a Washington escort service scandal ran her business from Ireland while on a trip to the country in November , her newly released phone records have shown.

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