Naruhina lemon love story

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Naruhina: An Unexpected Reunion

naruhina lemon love story
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Young love, a NaruHina story Ok, so this is going to be a Naruto x hinata fic. Login Sign UpFanFiction unleash your imagination Hinata witnesses Naruto's mistreatment at a very young age, and it changes her. This will be NaruHina, with possible pairings later if they happen naturally to me.
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Naruhina lemon love story

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As the 6th Hokage, Naruto was very protective of his villagers, even if he was judged by what was contained in him for the past 23 years; the spirit of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Ever since he was labeled and looked down upon as a child, he decided that playing practical jokes was a good way to get people's attention. After becoming a Genin at age 12, Naruto became teammates with Sakura Haruno of whom he had a crush on for a while and Sasuke Uchiha a rival and a friend later on. All three of them, although they got on each others' nerves, managed to cope with each other. That was, until Sasuke desired power and power only since his older brother, Itachi Uchiha wiped his whole clan clean. So he left Konoha even if Sakura confessed her love to him. He left even if Naruto tried to get him back, he never returned.

Uzamaki Naruto felt himself slipping…farther and farther he plunged deeper into his mind and soul. He was 18 now, and a Jounin, but somehow, he was still not satisfied with his life. This hunger, this need that he had never felt before, was more painful than losing to Sasuke. He knew of only one thing that knew the answer…the very thing that made him unique…. He landed on the water softly and a pair of red eyes glared at him. What more could you ask of me Naruto?

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  1. Forever Is Never Long Enough: NaruHina Love Story! M for later lemons. " You've grown up a lot Naruto, I will admit that, but love is not.

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