How old is brite bomber

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Brite Bomber

how old is brite bomber
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Fortnite Valor & Brite Bomber footjob

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Is the Leaked Fortnite Beach Bomber a Skin or a Style for Brite Bomber?

The game has evolved a lot over the last year or so as the developer has started adding different styles to previously released skins. Some require challenges to unlock the new variants.
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Brite Bomber (outfit)

Brite Bomber is a 1, V-Bucks Rare skin. Brite Bomber's Back Bling, Brite Bag, is a lunchbag with Brite Bomber's shirt design on it. Brite Bomber's Pickaxe, Rainbow Smash, is a blue unicorn head with a rainbow mane on a stick.
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Fortnite Battle Royale: Brite Bomber

Brite Bomber was a girl who lived in Salty Springs with a friend who was also very bright, I might add who lived down the street. Brite Bomber and Zoey were both children, but were fairly old. They were at Brite Bomber's house when their lives would be scarred lol fortnite pun forever. Brite Bomber and Zoey watched as Brite Bomber's mom fell to ground and her loot fell to her feet. Brite Bomber and Zoey ended up growing up together. They were often bullied for their bright colors, but they had eachother and they were happy. They later met Sparkle Specialist as she had the same kind of bright style they had.

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