Red bone yellow bone

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Redbone (ethnicity)

red bone yellow bone
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Yellow bone vs Red Bone

Top definition. - That long retired term was used in the original lyrics for the Irving Berlin song "Puttin On The Ritz": Spangled gowns upon the bevy of high browns from down the levee, all misfits, puttin' on the Ritz!

This term seems to appear everywhere, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook used to describe people and also used as a hash tag. The term yellow bone is used as a supposedly positive description and reference to black people who have light skin. They can often be very rare to see in comparison to other blacks because there are not as many of them in the general black population.
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Redbone vs Yellowbone | What’s the difference?

A redbone is an ethnic group that lives in southwest Louisiana up to the central region. They were not considered white or black. They were.
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Redbone is a term historically used in much of the southern United States to denote a multiracial individual or culture. In Louisiana , it also refers to a specific, geographically and ethnically distinct group.

White Supremacist Roots of “Yellow Bone”

Kal : Hello Jose, I am trying to figure out the difference between red bone, yellow bone and brown bone in regards to skin tone or color. These words seem to be slang I think. Can you help me out? Joe Carillo : Not being based in the Continental United States, I'm not really knowledgeable about the terms "red bone," "yellow bone," and "brown bone" with reference to skin tone or color.


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  1. So alot of Yellow Bones can also be considered to be Red Bones but not many Red Bones can be considered Yellow Boned. (yes this can sound complicated if .

  2. Redbone is a person with red undertones in their skin. A person who is a yellow bone has yellow undertones in their skin. If you look closely at their skin you can .

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