Kate upton nude tmz

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Kate Upton -- Naked. Body. Paint.

kate upton nude tmz


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The Topless Kate Upton Video TMZ Doesn't Want You to See Uncensored

The criticism isn't levied against the site for posting a video of Kate Upton topless that part's par for the course., The day is here.

Model Kate Upton goes for a ride in nothing but a bikini bottom and a pair of heels and some people have themselves all in a tizzy about it.
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Earlier this week, a post started on 4chan claimed a wealth of celebrity nudes--a large cache in possession of a hacker who'd gained access to several celebrities' alleged personal photoswould leak on Sunday. - The Sports Illustrated model is reportedly taking legal action after a website allegedly published fake nude photos of her.

News that " Sports Illustrated wrote the legal letter [and] Kate Upton has nothing to do with it. News a letter was sent to Celeb Jihad, adding, "We've asked them to take down the photos and will move forward accordingly. A lot of people would like to see Kate Upton in the buff, but most will have to settle for seeing the year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in a bikini. Celeb Jihad, however, took the liberty of Photoshopping naked pictures of Upton, claiming the doctored images were "outtakes" from her swimsuit shoot. Celeb Jihad, the self-described "holy Islamic extremist celebrity gossip website," called the purported lawsuit "laughable. The site claims it's "absolutely absurd" for Upton to sue, stating, "As pious Muslims we must only obey Shariah law, and thus can only be taken to trial in a Shariah court.


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