Best oral sex scene ever

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25 Movies Where the Actors Have Actual Sex

best oral sex scene ever
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Skip navigation! Story from Hottest Sex Scenes. Alright, you asked for it, and you're gonna get it.
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Two films, two sex scenes, two different ratings

Directed by Derek Cianfrance, this honest film simultaneously stole and broke our hearts for its realistic portrayal of a doomed relationship. The realism is what makes this oral sex scene especially memorable…that, and the fact that it involves Ryan Gosling.

The top 10 oral sex scenes

Top 10 Oral Sex Scenes in Hollywood Movies. also part of: Top 10 Movie Oral Sex Scenes. This video is . Top 10 Most Mmemorable Oral Sex Scenes of
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She is utterly correct: Hollywood is sexist and sex-phobic. I'm not going to use this as an excuse to rant on the topic, though -- been there, done that. Instead, let's take a moment to recognize the best moments in cine-lingus history, shall we?

Top Ten Oral Sex Scenes

One new movie generating Oscar buzz shows a woman engaged in a steamy sex act with another woman in a scene that lasts just over a minute without any nudity. Another new movie also piquing the attention of Academy Awards voters shows a man performing an identical act on a woman in a scene that lasts just over a minute without any nudity. Filmgoers who watch both movies, especially those oral sex scenes, would be hard-pressed to describe how one is more explicit than the other.

And Messes With The Director.

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  1. The best oral sex scenes on film — no BJs allowed. Extra points for doing something pretty subversive without ever seeming like it's trying too.

  2. Actress Evan Rachel Wood recently took to Twitter to air her frustrations over the MPAA forcing a cunnilingus scene out of her upcoming movie.

  3. VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton Script written by Nick Spake. Intercourse can really get you “ahead” in life. Join as we count down our picks for .

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