Witcher 3 help cerys

Cerys an Craite

witcher 3 help cerys
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Possession (quest)

Hot Topics. - Cerys an Craite , aka "Sparrowhawk", was the daughter of Crach an Craite , and Hjalmar 's younger sister.

Is a Skellige side quest with suggested level After completing the above quests, head back to Kaer Trolde to receive a reward from Crache. As you enter the main feast hall, a cutscene will occur where one of Crach's servants will greet Geralt and describe what is happening inside. Once you get closer, you will see Cerys and Hjalmar arguing. After talking with Hjalmar, you can optionally decide to have a fist fight competition nearby by talking with Hjalmar. The reward for winning will be a steel sword from Hjalmar. Afterwards, head to the Crach's room to find Berna leaving his room.

Fast travel to the hill where Ermion waits to ask for his aid. Unlike most allies, he will agree to help straight away and leave for Kaer Morhen immediately. I'm in shock.

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