Female fat admirer

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Female fat admirer, normal or not?

female fat admirer
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Ask Your Question today., In the past few years, I've come out as a female fat admirer in my online and real life interactions.

I'm a fat admirer who lost weight

It was about 10 years ago., You're a waste of space No natural grace You're so bloody thin You don't even begin To interest me Not even curiosity It's not animosity It's just you don't interest me.

FFAs are female fat admirers although it also means former featured article , lol. Generally speaking, this refers to a slim , hawt , pretty woman whose sexual preference is for fat men. Contrary to popular belief , women do actually enjoy sex just for its own sake, and some of them have fetishes at least as fucked up as that of any man, if not moar so. FFAs are generally hawt , young, slim, nubile women ranging in age from 18 to 30, after which point these women become fat themselves, making it no longer such a strange thing. Unlike gold-digger whores who fuck fat old men only for the money , FFAs are otherwise normal women who have a repressed Electra complex and secretly liked the fact that their abusive fathers were alcoholics who drank beer every night, making them fat and have a beer belly. Therefore as young adults, these women like fat guys of a similar age to them, give or take a few years. This makes FFAs an great option for fat guys to get laid and possibly even find a life partner.


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